Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 26

Here's some more footage of me enjoying life after becoming super successful from following the crypto investing tips offered by the Crypto Billionaire. I get to fuck hot women like this all the time now, and I owe it all to my hero. Just 5 years ago I was fucking fat bitches from the bar. Now I can afford to fuck the hottest VIP escorts that money can buy! Thanks cryptobillionaire!

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  • She is stunning. Definitely model material.

  • Wow, she is really beautiful. This shows the difference between a streetwalker and a VIP escort that takes care of herself like a model or actress would. She knows her body is her money-maker, and she treats it as such. She will be able to fuck men for big money long into her future, unlike the lazy streetwalkers that are rough on their bodies and give the rest of us a bad name. Good job girl. You are one sexy babe!

    • You are 100% right. I would pay double for a night with a woman like this. She is as close to perfect as you can get.

  • Everyone, here is some new free advice for my crypto followers. I recommend writing your bitcoin seed phrases on your penis. This way the phrase will be encrypted when you have your penis at rest and you will be able to read the phrase only when you have an erection. If someone wanted to steal your seed phrases, they would at least have to give you a good blowjob first. This will prevent most straight males from stealing your crypto.

    • I have been getting a lot of men wanting to pay me with crypto but I have no experience with it. Some guy wanted to pay me with something called safemoon, but I had no idea what that was.

      • Oh god, never take safemoon from any customer. I think he was trying to rip you off. I would recommend sticking with bitcoin only.

        • OK thanks for the tip. As for the seed phrases…are you saying if I am sucking a guy off and I see some random phrase tattooed on his penis, that I could use that to steal his bitcoin? Not that I am looking to rob anyone. Just curious.

          • Yes that will definitely be a seed phrase. My idea is already becoming quite popular and some shady escorts have been taking advantage of it by sucking off men and taking pictures of their erect penises.

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