Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 25

I maybe be an old fart but that just means I now have enough money that I can afford the finest things in life. That includes getting a massage and sex from two of the hottest women I've ever met at the same time. Both were rubbing me down at the same time, and things fot even more fun once we got to the sex action. I think most guys half my age would be happyif they could spend an hour with 2 babes like this.

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  • I’m normally not one to bash on someone, but I have to agree with MoneyNeverSleeps here, Mr CryptoBillionaire. Getting your crypto seed phrases inked on your cock is probably your worst idea yet.

  • I can’t believe this cryptobillionaire creep still has fans on here making videos for him. Did you see his horrible advice on putting bitcoin seed phrases on your penis? Then telling everyone how to hack the system by giving people blowjobs? Who gives security advice then immediately tells people how to hack it?

    • My point was in order for someone to get your seed phrases, they have to suck your cock. It was an ingenious way for people to get a free blowjob. Stop hating.

      • I thought it was pretty funny and not the worst idea lol

      • So you’re going to trade your bitcoin security info in exchange for a blowjob? I guess that makes sense if you have $20 in your crypto wallet. Most people have much more money in there. No wonder you want broke once already in the crypto market. Fool.

        • You can always change the seed phrases after you get the free blowjob.

          • Do you think people are writing these phrases on their cocks in pen? They probably had them tattooed on there. Would have to get a tattoo removal done on their cock. Idiot!

  • As an escort myself, it’s always fun when you get to work with another female. A lot of the women I know in the business are bisexual, so it’s can be fun to get to explore another woman’s body while you are getting paid by some old guy like this. These two are really sexy together and I would love to work with either one of them. Nice of them to fulfill this old man’s fantasy of having a threesome.

  • What a lucky old bastard. I am super jealous right now.

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