Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 20

I am still out here living my best life, after achieving an early retirement thanks to the financial guidance provided to me by the infamous CryptoBillionaire. He is the one that got me into trading crypto, and he is the one that got me into spending my money on fucking these hot women, and filming it for everyone to enjoy. Thanks buddy! I hope you enjoy my tribute video! You changed my life!

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  • How can you be a fan of someone called the CryptoBillionaire, who was just last month on here crying about losing all his money. Then started begging for funding to piss away more money in a dying market. It seems he’s abandoned crypto to focus on cock fighting. Says a lot about his confidence in the market.

    • Keep telling those half truths. I am still fully invested in crypto. Once BTC rebounds I will be laughing once again. But keep telling people those stories if that makes you feel better about yourself.

  • Thanks for the support buddy. I’m currently spending some of my time helping my business partner get ready to compete in the next Boxing Cock League. I can get you season’s tickets if you send me your contact info. Right up close so you can really see all the penis fighting action.

    • You realize there is a strict policy in the BCL about selling or transferring assigned tickets to third parties, right? What you’re doing will get you banned from backstage access. You’re not allowed to just give those seats to any fool off the street. They are reserved for associates of the fighters in the BCL, not for this random creep that’s fucking women on the Internet.

      • Why do you have to stick your nose in everything I am doing? Giving tickets to a friend is not against the rules. You are full of crap like usual.

        • He’s 100% right. I’m in his office right now and he just showed me the contract. Just accept the L and move on. Just like your fighter will accept the L the next time we set foot in the ring.

          • You sound bitter. Sorry I beat your ass with my giant cock so badly last time. But I was actually going easy on you. Next time you won’t be so lucky.

  • She is really sexy with that amazing accent. That alone will turn a lot of guys on just by itself. It sounds so exotic. She also takes really good care of her body. Look how nice her manicured nails are. You can tell she cleans up before each client and treats them like the most important person of the day. She was also so happy and bubbly when she was trying to make him cum at the end. Definitely a great personality to match her beautiful good looks.

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