Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 2

I've really been loving the content from the cryptobillionaire on this site, so I decided to shoot some of my own videos as a tribute to him. I haven't made quite as much money in crypto as he has, but I am slowly working my way into the market. With what little spare money I have left over, I hire myself a prostitute every week so I can make cool videos, just like my hero, the cryptobillionaire.

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  • This might be a tribute to Cryptobillionaire, but his videos are better, and here’s why:
    1. You blurred out her beautiful face.
    2. You fucked her in only one position, and so I ended up seeing only her ass.
    3. You didn’t creampie her. She basically just jacked you off at the end, which is unsatisfying.

    But, you did bareback her, so you get points for that. I’ll give this video 3/5 stars, but I’m certain you can do better next time.

  • Oh my! I am so honoured to see this! I love my fans! I can’t believe you made a tribteu video for me! Keep up the great work! Maybe you will have fans of your own some day.

  • Are you kidding me? The cryptobillionaire has fans making tribute videos about him? How much of a loser is this guy. Nice to see you find your heroes in such low places. The cryptobilliionaire is nothing more than a gambling buffoon that got lucky on his timing.

    • Why don’t you worry about yourself instead of insulting others. I’ve heard some things about you through my connections. You have a tiny little dick and you cum in less than 2 minutes. Maybe you should work on that before criticizing the crypto guy.

      • This explains a lot. I detect a narcissistic personality in this moneyneversleeps fellow. He seems to have a complex. Could it be a small penis that makes him lash out at so many people? And the fact he is constantly trying to prove how great his list of achievements are on here? Moneyneversleeps, if you see this, please come to my office tomorrow. My secretary/stripper will give you a courtesy blowjob while I psychoanalyze you. I have helped a lot of people just like you. My list of clients is impressive, I assure you. Let’s get to the bottom of your problems.

        • SHE IS LYING! I don’t have a small penis! And so what if I did? What business is that of yours or hers? Stick your appointment up your ass. If I wanted therapy I can hire the best in the world, not some clown off a porn website.

          • I think thou doth protest too much. It’s OK to have a small penis. My offer still stands. You know how to reach me.

  • Oh nice, another fan of the cryptobillionaire. I am very much a fan of him too. I like that you created tribute videos for him. Perhaps it will encourage him to make more of his sex videos for us. I think it would be really cool if the cryptobillionaire could do a video where he dresses up like a Roman gladiator. That would be so hot. Maybe the guy in this video can do one, if the cryptobillionaire doesn’t have time.

  • Props to this girl for maintaining such a professional attitude, even though she has to deal with a fat slob like this guy. Sometimes it seems glamorous to get paid to fuck all day, but when you have to deal with customers like this, it can really be a test of patience. She took his appearance out of her mind and just tried to enjoy the sex to make him feel special. That is the sign of a true professional. She is very attractive too and seems to take care of herself. Although it looks like she could use a pedicure.

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