Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 18

Despite some recent things going on in the Crypto Billionai're life, what some might call "setbacks", I am still a staunch supporter of him. I will continue making these tribute videos to show my support and my thanks for how he helped me become a rich crypto investor, just like him. Look at this hot woman I get to enjoy any day I want. None of this would be possible without his help. Now I have hot blondes fighting over who is going to get to suck my cock every day!

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  • Man, can’t I even watch a few porn videos without you weirdos spamming this shitcoins in here. I’m just trying to bust a nut, not become a crypto trader.

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    • This fool is trying to steal your money to use to fund his gambling schemes. By gambling, I am talking about him investing all his money in shady crypto stocks. He has lost all his money once already. Don’t let him lose your money too!

    • I’m interested in doing the course but I’d like the other conference attendees to cum on my head. Is that something that can be arranged?

      • This is serious and prestigious stuff. You better look for a local gloryhole to follow up with your sperm hair treatment. I don’t have time for that crap here. I am talking about changing people’s lives and making them retirement money, not solving your hair loss problems.

        • Manhappybald, In Glory City subway cars I’ve seen men with sperm on their heads. They let it dry during the ride. Maybe go for a ride on the subway and see if you can get some of them to cum on your head.

          • There are always weird and grotesque people in the subway cars. Some people say if you follow the subway to the end of the route you will be taken to the home base of the Illuminati. I plan on testing this theory soon.

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