Fan of the Cryptobillionaire emulated his idol in a new series 12

I wanted something a little different today so I found a sexy redhead. I haven't been with a redhead like this before. I love their milky white skin and how it contrasts against their blazing red hair. Along with the smattering of freckles all over their body. This one had a really meaty pussy, as you can see in the video. Her big pussy lips felt really good against my skin when I was pounding her.

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  • Guys, I am so happy to say that after a month of receiving hot sperm treatments on my scalp, I am finally starting to grow hair. My life has improved dramatically in every way. At work I was just promoted to sales manager. I can’t help but think my new look has something to do with it. And most importantly, women on the street don’t look the other way when they see me coming now. I have regained my full confidence i had when I was a child. I am so grateful to the voyeurpsychologist on here for telling me about how taking hot loads to the scalp will regrow my hair.

    • This is interesting news. I think I can improve upon this idea. I just came up with a new formula, ShamCum Haya Plus. It will be made with sperm from men from the Himalayas. We all know the environment there is much cleaner so the quality of the sperm is much better and the hair regrowth will be much thicker. ManHappyBald please contact me if you want to get in on some product testing.

      • You are a fool. I can’t believe I asked you to bail me out. I should have never trusted you. And of course your idea is BS. The sperm loses it’s hair regrowing properties within a few minutes. There is no way to bottle it. This was already tried, even with instantemeous freeze drying, the sperm is always useless after 3 minutes. It has to come fresh out of the cock.

        • Do you think I need advice from a failed gambler like you? Enjoy living on the streets CryptoBum. My scientists will find a way to make the healing properties last.

      • In case you have forgotten, it was me that came up with this idea and technique. You need to bring me in on this deal or you will be getting a call from my lawyer.

  • She is so exotic and beautiful. I’m not normally bi, but I do have a thing for redheads too. I love the freckles, and especially this shade of red on their hair. She also seems to be enjoying herself. She also goes the extra mile by licking his balls for him. A lot of women won’t do that because it gets sweaty down there fast. I know some guys might be turned off by the roast beef pussy lips, but a lot of guys have a fetish for that. Trust me I know. Beautiful girl.

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