Ex-Nerd He gets bored of video games and now he fucks a different girl every day 4

I used to be a big video game player, but I've pretty much grown out of that. I have moved on to bigger and better things, namely fucking escorts that I find online. Look at this beauty. She came right to my apartment and fucked me right in my own bed. It's so nice and convenient and it is a lot better than playing video games all day like I used to do.

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  • You made a smart decision my friend. Playing video games is a fool’s errand. Concentrate on more important things, like making money. I did when I was your age, and now I’m a multi-millionaire.

    • Sometimes it’s good to have hobbies. Do you never do anything to relax or have fun, other than hiring hookers?

    • You’re a multi-millionaire? Can you give me some tips on how to make money?

      • I’d be willing to bet he inherited most of his money.

        • You would be wrong. In fact. I’d like to compare bank accounts with you, and I will show you exactly the businesses I started and how much I earn per year. If I prove I am a self-made man then you must publicly apologize. Do you agree to my terms?

          • I’ve got better things to do than to compare bank accounts with some online troll. Get a life loser!

  • that wasnt bareback/

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