Ex-Nerd He gets bored of video games and now he fucks a different girl every day 2

I'm still in the prime of my life so I am trying not to waste it. I've been hiring a different escort every day to come to my place to fuck me. I used to sit around playing video games all day until I realized there were a lot more productive things I could be doing. Namely, fucking hot black babes like this beauty. She looked so damned hot in that blonde wig.

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  • While she is an attractive black woman, I would never pay my money to have sex with one so chubby. She needs to lose some weight. When I pay thousands of dollars an hour for a VIP escort I expect them to be close to perfection.

    • To some people chubby girls are the sexiest. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean everyone else has to think the same way.

    • I bet the “perfect” women you hire make fun of you when you leave.

      • The women I hire worship me. You obviously don’t know what it is like to have people respect and worship you. I put these women through college.

    • LOL I didn’t even notice the belly. Once you get more money I guess you can afford to be more discerning.

      • She pregnant. Best kind, blow inside with no worries. Not to mention, they got that glow… if ya know ya know :)

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