Ex-con with tattoos of hard guy fucks a girl on the first day of freedom on La Mamada island

I was in prison for 20 years. Being inside that long changes a man. The first day I got out, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I travelled to La Mamada island and hired the most expensive latina escort I could find. I needed to get off in the worst way. With a woman I mean. There was plenty of sex inside, but never with a woman. It felt so good. I thought for sure I was never going to get to touch another female again. It was worth the wait.

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  • I have been with many prison releasees. They may look hard and scary like this guy, but most of them are just teddy bears that are longing for a woman’s touch. You can’t judge a book by its cover.

    • cocke on

      Most of these guys are in there for serious stuff. You’ve just been lucky they haven’t earned their re-entry by doing something bad to you. Please be careful.

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