Elegant and classy man fucks Asian girls 2

I like to think of myself as an elegant and classy man. I like the finder things in life, and that includes having sex with hot Asian women. I don't mind paying them for their services and their time. Here's one I hired with blonde hair. It felt really good when she climbed on top of my fat white cock and started riding me.

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  • This is some footage my company acquired of moneyneversleeps and his “vip” escort he likes to see.

  • It is just me, or is the classy guy a real creep? Something is off about him.

  • Why is this titled an “elegant and classy man”? All I see is a fat slob in what looks like a second hand shirt in a low rent apartment. This is the most laughable title I have ever read on a video on this site.

    • For once today I agree with you. I see nothing classy about this man. He looks ridiculous to be honest. But I am not in the business of judging. I am always open minded when it comes to my clients.

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