Dubai Elite Girls 8

I love it when I hire a VIP woman in Dubai and I end up with one of these exotic Russian babes. They are so hot and look and act completely different from any other ethnicity of woman I have ever encountered. This one had perfect skin and sucked on my cock like she was possessed. That's nothing compared to how her pussy felt once I slid my hard cock inside of her.

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  • Yeah ones like this makes the 50-200 girls look like they over charge lol. I’ll pay more for quality

  • thats a thousand dollar blowjob if Ive ever seen one

  • Now that is the type of blowjob I love. Noisy and wet and sloppy. Not only are these VIP girts gorgeous, they are professionals where it counts too….at performing nasty sex acts!

    • Same here. There’s that certain sound they make like they are almost gagging that gets me every time. This was the perfect blowjob in my opinion.

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