Don Pancho offers free sex to street girls

I've been offering free sex to street girls, but for some reason none of them have been that accepting. I would have thought anyone would be happy to get sex for free. But most of the women I encountered were not interested. I'm not sure if it's just me that's the problem, or if these women are all just stuck up and prudish. I know if someone offered me free sex I would definitely take it.

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  • Jesus, how many fake profiles is this guy gonna make? Must live a sad and lonely life talking to yourself on a barely active porn site lmao

  • First you were selling cameras that were a fire hazard, now you’re out harassing women on the street. Keep it up and you’ll end up in prison buddy. Or worse. Some of these women could have had husbands.

    • Their husbands should be happy I was out here offering to satisfy their wives. Takes some of the responsibility away from them. I try to help people and I constantly get crapped on. These women were all very rude to me.

      • I have never tried this though I have thought about doing it. You would have better success if you approached women walking their dogs or out for a stroll by themselves or sitting on park benches reading.

        These appear to be street hookers. They have a lot of reasons not to take you up on giving a freeby. First of all, they will soon enough find a trick who will fuck them and pay them. Second, they would not want their colleagues to see them giving sex away free to you. They would lose face.

        Try it and let us know how it goes.

      • Have you ever had a psych evaluation? Your behaviour seems to be getting more and more reckless. Perhaps you are suffering trauma from your failed spy cam business. If you would like to talk to me about your issues I have very fair rates.

        • The only people that need to see a shrink are these crazy women that turned down free cock! The world has gone crazy!

  • I never get any respect. All I was trying to do was offer my free sexual services to these women, and I got turned down by every one. What kind of person turns down free sex? I’ll never understand women.

    • I hate to break it to you, but women never need to pay for sex, or take it from strangers on the street for free. You are seriously creeping all these women out. Don’t be surprised if you get maced one of these days.

      • Not exactly true that women never have to pay for sex. I will relate one story.

        While travelling in an Asian city, I met a rather plump but attractive and very rich Asian milf who was recently divorced. Her brother kept a close eye on her, almost like a father. We met in a hotel lobby. She was clearly at the height of her estrus and very horny. She invited me to her room. We fucked for half an hour. Afterward, she gave me the equivalent of 100 USD in local currency. I might have asked for more. We kept contact. Twice she sent me airline tickets so I could come to her location and fuck with her. Both times, she gave me money and presents like an i phone. She was not sufficiently attractive to get many men without paying them. I broke off the relationship because of my jealous girl friend. I had a few similar experiences. There are many women who do this.

      • And you say I am the crazy one? I am offering my hard cock to these women and I will get maced in return? How does that make sense?

    • OMG that’s not how it works. Women don’t have to pay for sex, and they certainly don’t just have sex with some stranger off the street that approaches them like a psychopath. You are lucky you never got locked up.

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