Don Pancho ejaculates prematurely with beautiful Latina girls 7

I know I can't be the only guy to have this problem. Just look at how tight this latina woman's ass is. I wanted to cum just looking at her bent over in front of me like that. Her ass felt like a pair of vice grips around my cock. That explains why I was only able to last about 4 minutes once I got it inside her ass and started pumping. I even had to slow down part way through or I would have came even quicker. I guess I should stop paying for an hour at a time when I only need 5 minutes.

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  • It’s good seeing you in action again DonPancho. I can remember being cellmates with you in the “Barrotes Gordos” prison in L.m.i. like it was yesterday. Nice to see you still pounding hot latina ass.

    • Aye, was a great time down there.

      • I did not commit any crimes but in that prison they make the best burritos. There they did not have strict control of entrances and exits. So I would go in and get a free burrito meal every day. All the guards thought I was an inmate.

        • Ya I remember that. I was imprisoned for indecent exposure. I was naked, crawling with my ass wide open while I announced the arrival of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse in the subway and the street. I also pulled that off a few times in the prison when I was drinking the toilet wine.

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