Don Pancho ejaculates prematurely with beautiful Latina girls 6

It seems like they keep making these latina escorts hotter and hotter all the time. I have a hard time keeping myself from busting a nut the moment they grab my cock and shove it inside of them. Something about those thick latina ass cheeks makes me want to cum instantly. I sometimes have to think about non-sexual things like baseball to keep from cumming too soon. I did manage to last about 5 minutes with this beauty.

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  • Hey BurritoCreampie, are you still here? Remember when I gave nuru soapy massages to other prisoners? Then once they shut their eyes and were deeply relaxed I would draw a cock on their faces? LOL What a great time!

    • LOL ya that was a blast. Remember the time we got on the prison bus and ended up in the women’s prison? I don’t know why they thought we were guards, but they let us walk into that place like we owned it. I think I fucked about 5 prisoners that day in the women’s showers. They seen my cock and they all wanted it. I guess that’s the good thing about prison women…they get desperate.

      • LOL ya, I had to go around and take your sloppy seconds esse! Lucky we were in the showers so I didn’t have to smell your nasty jizz bro! I think the real guards were jealous we were taking their action for the day. I did notice one of them standing outside the showers pulling on his pecker. I couldn’t tell if he was staring at the naked women getting fucked, or staring at your ass!

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