Don Pancho ejaculates prematurely with beautiful Latina girls 5

Another gorgeous latina ass. What can I say? They are my weakness. I only lasted 3 minutes this time. One of my worst performances, But I couldn't help it. Look at that nice pink pussy and thick ass. Any mortal man would have a hard time lasting very long staring at that beauty. I shot my cum prematurely all over her beautiful ass cheeks. Her pussy felt so good I am surprised I lasted that long.

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  • Don Pancho, please calm down and moderate your language. First notification.

    • Hey you don’t tell me what to do. I am not the gardener you hired standing out in front of Home Depot for $5 an hour. Maybe I should call ICE and tell them about all your mexican workers you have running everything in your mansion?

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      • Jesus H Christ, Mr Burrito sounds like a bonafide flamer. No wonder Trump wanted to build the wall. We need to keep freaks like you out of our country!

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