Don Pancho ejaculates prematurely with beautiful Latina girls 4

This latina babe had a very exotic looking face. That instantly turned me on and got my cock throbbing. I knew I wasn't going to last long when she took me inside her wet mouth. This is officially my new record. I couldn't even make it to 3 minutes. But her blowjob technique was probably the best I have ever seen. She knew what she was doing and sucked that load out of me really fast.

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  • Hey Don Pancho, do you remember the time we organized the prison break and got everyone to go to the local brothel? Those hookers didn’t know what to think when they seen us coming in our orange jump suits. I bet they never got all those cum stains out of them when they finally rounded us up and brought us back to the prison.

    • Ya those prostitutes were sure angry when they found out none of us had any money to pay them with. I told them to bill the prison!

      • What kind of idiotic prison was this you were in? It sounds like the Warden must have been Mr Bean or something. Complete incompetence.

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