Don Pancho ejaculates prematurely with beautiful Latina girls 3

A lot of times I forget to jack off the day before I am planning on hiring a hooker. Why would I do that, you ask? It's because it helps you to last longer the following day if you get some of the cum out of you. I never did it before I met with this hot lady and unfortunately I didn't get to make the best of my alotted time with her. I cam really quick even though I had paid for a full hour. I'll be sure to not make that mistake next time.

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  • Lol maybe you should try jacking off an hour before you hire these women. At least you might last 30 minutes then.

    • I said right in the description I forgot to jack off the day before I met her. I was excited, it happens, you stupid idiot. Gringo hijo de putaaaa!

  • Lol dude you need to work on your stamina.

    • You need to work on fucking off and stop commenting BS on my videos you jerk. Where is the video of youi lasting longer than 7 minutes like I did in this one? Gringos chupenme la verga!

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