Czech hot girl 3

You haven't had the best pussy in the world until you hook up with a VIP Czech working girl. They don't come cheap but they are worth every penny. This one's mouth felt like the finest silk fabric wrapped around my cock when I shoved it in her. And her pussy felt even better. Czech women are known for their glorious pussies and hers didn't disappoint.

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  • What a great girl. I came when she started licking his asshole. I gotta find me a girl that will do that.

    • Honestly it is pretty disrespectful to ask a woman to do that. It is hard for me to stay clean down there. I only do it under the strictest of conditions. However, I will gladly let a client lick my asshole.

    • When I used to hire an escort, every single one would tongue punch my fartbox. Now I exclusively use my sex robots. The experience is much nicer than with a real woman.

      • Hell I can’t even get an escort to kiss me on the lips! I need to change up my approach I guess if all you guys are getting your asses licked.

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