Czech hot girl 1

I couldn't believe the massive tits on this hot Czech woman. Of course they ended up being fake, but I don't mind breast implants when they look so perfect like these ones do. They were the perfect size I like and the rest of her body was equally as gorgeous. She got me so excited I even had a premature ejaculation right at the beginning, but luckily I was able to get hard again later so I could enjoy her body some more.

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  • Large breasts are nice, but real ones are better. Our sex robots now have a dial you can use to adjust the size of their breasts on the fly, and they don’t end up looking fake like these implants do.

    • I don’t care if they are real or fake, as long as I get to touch them.

      • You need to have bigger aspirations in life. Don’t live your life happy to settle for second best. Always strive for the best in everything you do, even when fucking hookers.

        • Uhhh, OK buddy. Is this like one of those after school TV shows with a morale lesson for everyone involved? I’m just here to jack off, dude.

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