Cum Wao Ping fucks beautiful girls to beat his gambling addiction 4

I've had a rough decade. I started out gambling on scratch tickets. Then a casino opened up on the local native reserve. Now I'm hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and my addiction is only getting worse. I decided to try to quit cold turkey, but like they say, a person usually picks up a new addiction when they get rid of another one. So I've replaced my gambling addiction with being addicted to hiring escorts. While escorts are expensive, there's no way I can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on them in a year. So far it's been a win-win situation for me. I am slowly building up my bank account and I get to fuck hot women every day.

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  • Hey Mr Wao Ping, I’m something of a gambler myself and would love to challenge you to a game of Poker Blowjob Creampie, with no limits. This could be your chance to earn back everything you lost. Ask around about me and you’ll see I am good for the money. I am definitely the richest guy here.

    • Gambling can be fun in small doses. I like to play slots. All the noises and flashing lights are really fun. But it sounds to me like you are the guy in the video have chronic gambling problems and should probably seek help. Although it would be funny if you ended up losing all your money by gambling it away.

      • The problem is none of the people in here can control their urges. Anyone that gets addicted to casino gambling has much bigger problems at the root of it that need to be dealt with.

  • This is the type of thing that really bothers me. You have a beautiful young woman with an almost perfect body, and she decides to ruin it by marking up her perfect body with horrible monotone tattoos that look like they were done in a prison using a needle and ink from a pen. I realize some clients like women with tattoos, but there’s no reason to mark up your body with ones that look so bad. Spend the extra few hundred dollars and get a tattoo artist that knows what they are doing. Tattoos are forever babe. No offense.

    • Another reason why my sex robots are the future. Any client can completely customize their robot lover right before they meet. So if they like trashy tattoos then they get to enjoy that. Thanks for showing why my sex robots will decimate the sex industry and put dinosaurs like you out of business.

      • Oh ya, my blowjob and a burger promo has clients booked in the hundreds already, and I haven’t even started promoting it nationally. I will fight you to the end.

  • You should have gambled on crypto instead of pissing it away in casinos. I made billions off of it. Everyone knows the house always wins when it comes to gambling in casinos.

    • Oh, you’re finally here in the comments. You ignored all my previous challenges. I have never met such a coward. Now you are trying to give Wao Ping investment advice/ You sir, should not be advising anyone on anything money related. You are nothing more than a gambler that got lucky.

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