Cum Wao Ping fucks beautiful girls to beat his gambling addiction 3

The good thing about my gambling addiction is a lot of the local casino-owned hotels are still comping me rooms. So now when I hire an escort to fuck I can get a free room from the hotel. They haven't figured out yet that I've stopped gambling and have been fucking women instead. It's a much better addiction to have.

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  • Look at all the degenerate gamblers in here. I guess I can’t talk, since I am a sex addict, but at least I didn’t lose my life savings due to my addiction. You people need help.

    • I need help? I’m a wealthy billionaire with dozens of successful businesses and I am about to launch a new crypto that will take the world by storm and some new sex robots that will revolutionize the sex industry. The last thing I need is advice from a peon like you.

  • Guess what buddy? I am on the board of directors at the Indian Casino, and you just exposed your little scam. All your comps are gone now. And if you try to rip us off again you will be banned for life.

    • Instead of harassing this fine young man, maybe you better deal with your slander against me and against my home state of Texas. I was planning on having my black jack and baccarat tournaments at your casino this year. I’m sure you know I run the biggest leagues in the country. I’ll gladly move it to another casino if you keep disrespecting the glorious state of Texas.

      • I hope you seen my reply to you on the other video. I’ve already offererd you some free comps, and since I realize how upset you are I am willing to increase your free chips by another 10K. All on the house. We value your business and love Texas! Remember the Alamo!

  • She is a really sexy young woman, but I have a big problem with how she treated her client. Look at her facial expression when he is on top of her. You can tell he wants to kiss her and she is looking away and making a face like she is thinking about football or her Grandma or Bob Dole or something. If I made a face like that I know it might instantly kill my client’s boner. They want the illusion of thinking you are into them, even if you aren’t. Next time kiss him a little baby. It’s not going to kill you. You already put his penis inside you FFS.

  • She is fine looking, but I can afford 10 girls like her every day. Don’t listen to that moneyneversleeps idiot with his new SpermBlowJob Coin nonsense. BTC is still the king of crypto and there is a lot of money to be made.

    • BTC is never going over 30K again. My coin is still on the ground level and will eventually surpass the value of BTC. You just keep proving how incompetent you are with every post you make.

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