Crypto Billionaire man fucks elite VIP girls 6

I felt like splurging on this day so I hired two high end escorts instead of one. You haven't lived until you have two mixed race VIP escorts fighting over your cock to see who gets to swallow your hot load. Here's a little compilation video of some of the hot women I've fucked in the past week alone. What an amazing life I live!

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  • Man what a lucky bastard! I would do anything to have those two beauties fighting over my cock.

    • Try getting a good paying job. It’s not that hard of a concept. And if you want to get rich, start your own business. It’s how I did it. Plus lots of hard work.

      • Yes going into business for myself was the best thing I ever did. Now I am rich and have a collection of over 2500 shoes. I am living the dream.

  • I thank you for your kindness to these women. You are sharing your wealth with the less fortunate, which is a sure fire way to get into heaven. Please keep up the great work.

    • Yes regular customers and healthy tippers allow us to live good lives. Don’t be stingy when dealing with my fellow sisters. If we are happy, then we’ll make sure you are happy.

      • Yes that is my philosophy. I am always willing to pay well to those that treat me well and provide a great service. Some of the people on here don’t understand that basic concept. It takes money to demand respect.

        • I”m always happy when I run into clients like you. I’m always willing to go that extra mile to make sure you’re happy. Like bareback everything, for example. ;)

          • Well I don’t really consider bareback service “an extra mile”. It’s just standard practice in my world.

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