Crypto Billionaire man fucks elite VIP girls 5

Here is a clip I shot in a very expensive hotel room I was staying at. This babe loved sucking my cock. Or maybe she just loved how I paid her with $2k worth of bitcoin. Untraceable and convenient. It's the future of currency and it's how I became a billionaire. That's right. My net worth is in the billions. I bet you wish you were me.

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  • Another girl finishing him off with her hands. That should only be done the last few seconds once he has already started to cum. She needs to use her wet mouth up until that point. Amateurs. Pfft.

  • All you paid her was $2k in bitcoin? That tells me you are not as rich as you say you are. I tip girls more than that! I think you should step up your game if you really are a billionaire. By the way, I can prove anything I say with receipts. I bet you can’t do the same.

    • Life does not always have to be a dick measuring contest. Perhaps you could ask him to work together with you on a project? Like finding the hottest escorts in the world, or something like that. You could turn it into a great business and help others at the same time.

      • LOL sorry, but someone like him is too far beneath me. I could never do business with a joke that got lucky playing the crypto lottery.

        • You sure have a lofty opinion of yourself, considering you’ve posted about 20 comments on a porn website today. Shouldn’t you be off running your billion dollar empire?

          • I am basically retired at this point in my life, so I spend it how I see fit. I am not a slave to my job like you peasants are.

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