Crypto Billionaire man fucks elite VIP girls 4

I got in on the crypto market just at the right time. I struck it rich on BTC and now I am so wealthy I never have to work again in my life. So to keep myself entertained, I started filming myself fucking VIP escorts. I can basically go in and close up an entire brothel for the night if I wanted to. That's just how rich I am. I take their sexiest women and have my way with them all night long.

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  • Dude, crypto is a scam. You are lucky you got out when you did, If that story is even true. The only use it has for me is paying for blowjobs in the bar in Bangkok. It can’t be traced. As an investment it is a joke.

  • You made your money on crypto? Ha! You are just a lucky uncultured fool that has zero class or standing in life. You basically won a lottery ticket for the uneducated. You say you are a billionaire, but I highly doubt that is true. In fact, I would bet 1 million dollars on the fact you don’t have over a billion dollars in net worth. Prove me wrong.

    • Where does anyone in any of the comments here claim to be a millionaire. My guess is most of the people who routinely engage with you here are actually just you using different names and replying to yourself. In this case, you must have gotten mixed up and meant to reply to Moneyneversleeps but replied under the wrong name. The only guy that seems to claim to have so much money is Moneyneversleeps.

    • Dude you are the one that needs to show his bank records! You talk crap on here all the time about how much money you have, but have never proven it yet!

    • My son, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Please don’t be so focused on money. It will only doom you in the end. Focus on good things instead, like hot babes getting creampied.

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