Crypto Billionaire man fucks elite VIP girls 16

I've made so much money in the crypto game that these days I pretty much just spend my time fucking hot women every day. Just look at this sexy blonde I'm banging, and then take a look at me. Obviously I could never pull hot women like this if I wasn't absolutely loaded with money. It's great being financially secure with nothing to do but fuck hot bitches all day. Life is great!

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  • OK I can’t watch this without commenting. First of all, do something about your roots girl. If you want to be blonde, then be blonde. Don’t be blonde with brown roots. Plus I hate when they have their nipples hanging half way out of their bras and they look all squished. Either take the whole bra off or leave it on. There’s no inbetween. I’m glad she offers bareback service. That is very important for your customers. Some guys REFUSE to wear a condom. You don’t want to be throwing away money by losing paying customers to the girls that do offer bareback service. Hint: Almost all of us do these days.

  • I figured there is no better place to launch my new cryptocurrency format. It’s called spermblowjobcoin (SBC). It’s now the most secure crypto in the world. That’s because to confirm the transactions you need a sample of your own sperm. It’s foolproof. If you’re wondering how it works, if your semen is extracted with a blowjob you earn 25% more SBC. You just have to upload a video of the blowjob to the SBC blockchain for verification. Now if you extra the cum via a creampie, your rewards are doubled to 50%. Now that is a really good deal! So I’m sure you are wondering how this is all paid for? Well the key is, you can also earn money by masturbating and uploading a video. But everyone that masturbates has to pay a 5% fee. This is how the scheme always generates more rewards for everyone, since the masturbaters always outnumber the people having actual sex. As an added benefit everyone that owns SBC can watch all the videos on the blockchain. People can also donate for their favourites and even make video requests if they wish, donating a little bit of their own SBC. This is going to be the new craze. Please get in now at the bottom floor and you’ll someday be almost as rich as me.

    • Mate, what are you on about? Nothing you said makes a lick of sense. SpermBlowjobCoin? Have you had some kind of stroke? Are you taking the piss mate? Please explain more how this works. I don’t understand.

      • I’m afraid he is obsessed with money and doesn’t realize that is the root of all evil. He needs to change his ways or be eternally damned.

        • This is a sure fire way to make money in the increasingly volatile crypto market. Plus it has the added benefits of involving blowjobs and creampies. I didn’t think I needed to explain it further. But please send me your contact info. I am working on a video that will give you all the details you need to fully explore the concepts of my new SpermBlowjobCoin. Get in now before it is too late.

    • OMG what a ridiculous scheme. Is money all you talk about? What happened to your stupid sex robots that were going to put me out of business?

      • My sex robots are now in the alpha stage. It’s just a matter of time before your bottom line starts to suffer. Tick tock, Bambi, tick tock.

        • We’ll see about that. Your SBC will fail just like your stupid robots. You are a bigger fraud than Bernie Madoff. I hope you suffer the same fate as him.

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