Crypto Billionaire man fucks elite VIP girls 1

With as much money as I have, I don't skimp when it comes time to hire an escort for an evening of sex. I'm typically able to afford the younger women that haven't been on the job for so many years and have their pussies blown out from so much giant cock being shoved in it. This brunette was tight like a tiger. Her pussy felt like it was going to rip my cock off when she clamped down on it with her vaginal muscles.

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  • Damn she swallowed that load like a champ. Good girl!

  • Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. It’s better to focus on more important things, like penetrating this fine young lady.

    • Don’t worry, he doesn’t have any money like he pretends he does. He’s been doing this act on here for like a month already. I think he’s a troll.

  • You say you are super rich but I really am not impressed by your choice of accommodations. This looks like any hotel room that any slob could walk off the street and book. The last hotel room I stayed at had a solid gold toilet.

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