Ciudad Juarez Hot Girl 13

This latina beauty had a killer body. I mean, look at that booty when she stands up. Don't you just want to eat it right up? She has such a beautiful face, but it's that pussy and asshole that I was interested in. I was amazed at how long her hair was when she let it down... it was almost as long as her entire body. It felt amazing when I was banging her doggy style and finally got to cum all over her ass.

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  • Oh my, her wonderful locks of hair. I am so jealous! I would love to have hair like that, but it becomes too much to look after.

    • cocke on

      That is one fancy mane of hair! She reminds me of Rapunzel that got put up in the tower and had to use her hair as a ladder.

      • I’d love to shoot some hot cum in that hair. It would take her forever to get it out of there! LOL! She’d probably have to cut it out like when you get gum stuck in your hair!

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