BurritoCreampie fucks with black girls in South Central 2

This black girl had such amazing, caramel-coloured skin. I just wanted to eat her up. Sometimes the streetwalkers you meet in South Central look like streetwalkers, but this one looked more like a high end escort or stripper. She had such a beautiful face that I couldn't resist shoving my cock in it. I bent her over and fucked her from behind before letting her finish me off with an amazing blowjob.

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  • Where are you fucking this woman now? Is it your garage? First of all there are tiny flies buzzing around the camera the whole time. Or maybe they were buzzing around your stinky cock. Second, you have that poor woman sitting on an epoxy-covered cement floor. Couldn’t you have at least got her a blanket or something? Or better yet, how about a bed?

    • Hey are you here to critique my house, or are you here to watch fuck videos?

      • Please pay no attention to him. He is obsessed with money and ridicultes everyone that he thinks is beneath him. Which is basically everybody.

        • If the shoe fits. I can’t help it this site is filled with broke degenerates that don’t even know how to treat a $20 hooker properly, let alone a real lady.

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