BurritoCreampie fucks with black girls in South Central 1

I loved the sexy braided hair on this African American beauty. My tiny white cock might not be so impressive to these black ladies in South Central, but I can still impress them with my wallet. I don't care what they think about me as long as I get to shove my penis in their mouth and pussy. And this babe let me do both. Her pussy was so soft and wet. It felt like I was in heaven when I was pumping her.

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  • Congrats, you upgraded to a bed this time instead of a cold cement floor. Actually I spoke too soon, it appears you just threw a comforter down on the cement. Have you no shame?

    • Did you see her complaining? If she didn’t mind, and I didn’t mind, then why do you care so much? Get a life esse!

      • I have a life. It is you that are bedding down women on concrete. That sounds like an absolute nightmare. Whoever pimps these women out she be warned about you. That is not even healthy for them! You can get hemorrhoids from sitting on the cement too long.

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