Brunette girl doesn’t stop talking and I can’t focus

There's nothing quite as annoying as when a woman doesn't know when to shut up. I had just paid this one lots of money to do exactly what I wanted in the bedroom, but she acted like she wanted to have a conversation instead. Nothing like that to hamper your erection and throw your mind off the task at hand. Next time I will be paying her to wear tape over her mouth the whole time.

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  • I don’t know, I could see where I’d have had a lot of fun with her. The guy just couldn’t get into it. Seems like it was just a mismatch; decent guy, good hooker; but for other people, not for each other. Happens.

  • This guy needs to learn how to tune a girt out. I wouldn’t have been paying attention to a word she said, I would have been too busy fucking that hot, wet pussy.

  • Wow, he’s right. He needed another guy there to shove his cock in her mouth just to shut her up. Make her air tight!

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