BaldBtc Sex with Latinas on La Mamada Island 3

All I had to do with these women was say "Hey, let's go to my room" and they were back with me stripping their clothes off within a matter of minutes. I got lucky and scored some black chicks today. I was happy that they let me enter them both bareback. These women would normally be very expensive, VIP hookers on the mainland, but here they are free for me to have my way with whenever I want!

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  • I’m not comparing bank accounts with you. Like the other guy said, this isn’t a dick measuring contest.

    • For once we agree on something.

      • LOL you are both just mad I surpassed both your empires with ease. Just realize you are no longer the big boys on the block. I could buy and sell both of you with the money in my wallet alone. So maybe stop coming on here pretending you are better than everyone now. Because you aren’t. You can’t even say you are the richest people on this forum anymore, because I am.

  • Damn, I heard about your Bitcoin winfall. You must actually be richer than cryptobillionaire now! I must admit I am kind of jealous!

    • This isn’t a dick measuring contest. It’s not about who has the most money. It’s whether you are helping others and making the world a better place.

      • That sounds like something a person would say who was extremely self conscious about having a smaller fortune than someone else. LOL!

        • Ha, having more money that cryptobillionaire is not really that great of a feat. He was begging me for money not that long ago.

          • Well actually I have more money than both of you combined! If you’d like to compare bank accounts I can do that.

  • Damn the bodies on these black sistas are amazing. Look at those perky tits and those tight buns. I am kinda jealous, my tits are starting to sag, but these hot chickas are pretty much perfect. I like that they let him go bareback on them. 99% of men want to go bareback. It really ruins the experience when you make him put a piece of rubber on his cock. Aye carumba!

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