BaldBtc Sex with elite Asians 1

This Asian babe was so pretty. I loved sucking on her tiny tits. She was so small I could basically pick her up and toss her around the room as I pleased. It's great for being able to do lots of different sex positions, as Asian women are so agile and flexible. Sometimes I feel like my cock is too big for them to handle, but they always manage to handle my meat sword without any problems.

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  • Super sexy to see you kiss the girl in her mouth.. Love it..

  • Why are you two arguing over crypto on a porn forum? I just come here to beat off.

  • Some people have been asking me for my advice on how to invest in BTC and if I think this is still a good time to put money into it. Sure, the best time to put money in was when it was worth $19, like I did. But unless you have a time machine, or fly a plane into a time rift in a lightning storm like I did, then that ship has sailed. So yes, I still think today is a good time to invest in BTC. It will only continue to go up in the future IMO.

    • Absolutely horrible advice from a clown that somehow got lucky. If you invest at today’s highs like this guy said you will LOOSE money. Don’t listen to him.

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