Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 9

I may be bald, but that doesn't stop me from hooking up with some of teh hottest women in the world. Just look at this sexy babe that I invited back to my place for some hot, sweaty sex. I had a camera setup in the corner so I could film us getting it on. Her body was amazing and she had the tightest ass and pussy of any girl I had ever been with. So just because I might be bald, it doesn't mean I can't score hot tail like the best of 'em.

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    Nice creampie! Can you get a higher quality camera like a GoPro with a Secret Enclosure? The angle towards the bed is good. In Adobe Products, there’s the ability to crop out everything but the bed. This gives a closer and high-quality view of the girl without jeopardizing the position of your secret camera, see this demo on the right: ********************************************

  • Look at the confidence on that man’s face! The thing is, I used to be bald like him. Ever since I started taking cumshots to the head, my hair has grown back, and now my confidence is at an all time high! This dude looks happy enough, but I bet with some cum treatments on his head, he would be even more happy!

    • You mean to tell me you let other men jizz right on your head? Or is it some kind of cream you get from a jar that contains a small amount of jizz? This sounds crazy.

      • No, the cum only works when it is fresh out of the cock. So you do need to have men jerk off on your head for it to work. Don’t worry, it’s not as gay as it sounds. And it actually feels good.

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