Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 6

I've been with a lot of women, and the amount of them that say they are sexually attracted to bald men is pretty close to 100%. Some guys feel ashamed about losing their hair. I say, embrace it. Shave your head completely like I did, and you too can get hot women like this begging to suck your cock. They love a sexy bald man with a dad bod, trust me.

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  • ManHappyBald, I seen you mention something about a gay bukkake…where is that? I would love to meet you there. Maybe I can cum on your head too. I have a full head of hair.

    • I’m not doing this because I like men, I’m doing it because I want my hair back. Please stop being so creepy.

  • For all the bald men watching this. I am the CEO of Baldcoin. We have been growing at a meteoric rate. Today I am pleased to introduce the fact that staking is now available with Baldcoin. Now bald men can earn 333% weekly. Contact me for more info.

    • There you are trying to impress others with your financial prowess. If you ever want to overcome your insecurities, please contact me. I can help.

      • Hey buddy, I took your advice on the sperm on my head to help my hair grow, and it’s not working at all! You better not have been lying to me! I’ve had multiple men cum on my head and it’s very disgusting and humiliating!

        • I’ve seen this happen before. Try to make sure the men cumming on your head have real hair themselves, and it’s not a wig or hair graft. Pull hard on the hair to be sure. If they are bald too, this won’t work at all.

          • OK thanks for letting me know. I never thought to check their hair. It looked real, but you never can tell. I have a gay bukkake I am attending tonight so I hope to get a lot of cum on my head this time. Hopefully that does the trick.

  • Is this woman supposed to be a professional escort or a biker bar chick? I can’t believe the outfit she is wearing. She looks like she just hopped off the back of a Harley. Most men want something feminine, not a woman that looks like she could kick their ass. She really needs a makeover. It’s a shame because she seems to have a nice figure. She just needs some new clothes and maybe a new hairdo. Her earnings would increase a lot with just a few simple changes.

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