Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 5

I couldn't believe the petite body and sexy, dark skin on this black babe. She looked so exotic next to my milky white body. She was also quite a bit younger than me. She told me she loved my bald head. That was a real turn on for me knowing that she was attracted to me. When you get to my age, sometimes you like getting a compliment from a woman, even if you are just paying her for bareback sex.

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  • Nice video. I think it’d be in your interest to get a better camera and brighter lights. Like your other video, I couldn’t clearly see the beauty of the girl’s face or her body. But your camera angles are pretty good. You captured her entire physique. You also creampied her. That’s a huge huge bonus. I’ll give this one 3/5 stars, but I think you can definitely do better. Try for a GoPro camera and a GoPro hidden camera enclosure.

  • Moneyneversleeps, quit equating wealth, or the lack thereof, with being a good or bad person. People don’t need money to get into the kingdom of Heaven. In fact, the bible says it is the hardest for a rich man to enter paradise in the afterlife.

  • Man that is one fine black girl. Her skin is so dark that if you turned the lights off I bet all you would see would be her eyes and her teeth.

  • I can’t help but notice the floor. Is this the place she always does business out of, or is it just a place the client booked? If it is her place, she needs to do something to clean that place up. that cement floor looks disgusting and extremely uninviting. I can just imagine what it feels like standing on that cold cement. Probably a boner killer for the customer. How about a nice throw rug? One the plus side she is a very beautiful woman and her skin is such an amazing colour. I bet the old, bald guy didn’t care too much about the floor.

    • People that offer or host sexual services in places like this really are scummy. How anyone can live in a place with bare concrete floors. That isn’t even sanitary. It amazes me how the majority of the world’s sheep live.

      • I wasn’t insulting them for being poor. They just need to dress the place up a bit. I’m sure she makes lots of money and can afford it. Why don’t you use your money to grow a bigger cock, pencil dick.

        • OMG is it true? Moneyneversleeps has a tiny pecker? That is probably why he has such a hatred for me. He seen me in my videos on here and seen my huge cock. He’s just jealous! LOL!

          • The next person that mentions the size of my cock is going to face the full wrath of my legal team. This is damaging to my character and I want it stopped. NOW!

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