Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 24

My buddy and I decided to split on a VIP escort. She normally didn't do groups of guys, but she said anything was a go if the price was right. It cost us an arm and a leg, but we both got to enjoy her sweet mouth and pussy. She was as hot as you'd expect for a woman that costs hundreds of dollars an hour. Her pussy was tight and wet so you know she didn't get overused. She probably only took on 1 client per day. It's nice having a hot, clean girl like this willing to do anything in the bedroom.

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  • I have seen anomalies in these recently posted bald videos. Something very disturbing to me. I have researched this extensively and I have discovered that the Matrix uses the Galapagos Protocol 0.90 to create bald NPCS. What we are witnessing here are bald NPC’s being integrated into the Matrix. This is all a simulation and these bald men are being used as a power source to keep the Matrix running.

    • FlatEarther I think you need to tell me your address. I would like to send some “friends” over for a wellness check. You sound like you are in mental distress.

    • The Galapagos Protocol is something out of a movie you idiot. Quit stinking up the place with your idiotic rants.

    • One time I was on a plane trip to GloryCity and seen a bald man was masturbating while watching a movie about Roman gladiators. He suddenly poured his sperm on his head. He also offered to give his seatmate a blowjob. That man didn’t seem real. I wonder if he could have been one of these cybernetic units? I know moneyneversleeps had working, life-like sex dolls too.

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