Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 23

I appreciate saving money where I can with today's excessive inflation. So when I find an escort offering a half off sale, I jump a the chance. As a bald man, I am not really that confident with the women, but when you are paying them, they have no choice but to act like they are into you. It's a big help for my confidence and I really enjoyed fucking this hot babe. I had some awesome floor length mirror surrounding my bed so I got an awesome view of her body.

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  • This man is clearly not human. You can tell by his head. There is no hair at all on there. This is a cybernetic organism, model B86. They were unable to grow hair on their heads due to the magnesium in the skullls of the units. Look at how perfectly smooth his head is too. No human head is ever that smooth. If you were to cut his scalp open you’d see raw magnesium.

    • What are you talking about? Are you trying to say any video with a bald man having sex, means the person is a cybernetic organism? That’s BS. I am bald and I am definitely 100% human! Stop this nonsense you are posting!

    • This is like tampering with God. If you are telling the truth then the world could be doomed. It maybe already be doomed.

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