Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 2

I may be approaching my 80th year on this earth, but I still love to get fucked by hot, young women on a regular basis. Sure, I have to pay for it these days, but at least I still get to enjoy it. Most guys in their twenties aren't fucking women this hot. And most of them say how hot they think my bald head is. So suck on that, younger guys. She thinks I'm sexy!

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  • These young women need to be careful banging older men like this. I have personally seen them brought up on charges after having an older client like this have a heart attack during a sex act.

  • I applaud her for taking on such an older client. Sometimes older men are more gentle and loving, but they can have issues with keeping themselves hard in the bedroom. It takes a lot of patience and love to treat these older clients with respect. You never want to hurt their feelings or their ego, since in their mind they are still like young bucks. The best part is though, your patience will be rewarded, because older men like this pay the best. They give huge tips.

  • I guess if this old guy can be happy at his age and fucking hot chicks still, even though he is bald, then I can be happy too. He is a real inspiration to me.

    • If you’re having problems dealing with your baldness, I can help you with that. Not the balding part, I already told you my technique for curing that. I mean the emotional part of it. I offer shock therapy that can take away all your sadness and make you happy again. None of these pills the medical doctors push on you. This is a series of treatments over a week and then you are done.

      • This sounds very interesting. To be honest, I am having a hard time with it. I already found a nice gay bath house nearby where I can go to get the cum treatments, but maybe this will tide me over emotionally until I can start to see some progress on my scalp. Thanks so much for the help. I will send you a DM.

        • I look forward to working with you. I will reach out to you first thing in the morning if that is OK with you.

          • This all sounds like quackery to me. If you want to be really happy, invest in my BaldCoin. Nothing cures sadness like being filthy rich!

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