Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 17

I may be a fat, older, bald guy with a tiny cock, but my lifestyle allows me to fuck the hottest women in the world whenever I want. How? The power of money. I don't need to be the best looking guy or have the fullest head of hair. All I have to do is get out my wallet and I can fuck a tiny, hot latina queen whenever I want. I even get to film it so I can upload it here so you can all enjoy it as well.

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  • You pump her jade tunnel like a 20 year old. She liked this more than you. She should give you a freebie or at least take you to dinner.

  • Your pussy licking is making her very happy. Keep up the good work. She doesnt care about your bald head. She is in love with your tongue.

  • This saddens me because you can tell this guy has low confidence. His head is bald and his penis is small. I know you can’t really fix a small cock, but you can definitely fix the bald head. Ask me how!

    • Don’t bother asking him unless you are gay. He just wants you to cum on his head and then he will cum on yours too. Sick bastard!

      • This is a scientificaly proven medical technique! Stop scaring people away! This has the power to change people’s lives!

        • This is definitely an impressive grift you’ve got going on. All the free gay sex a man could want. LOL! All under the guise of miracle hair growth!

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