Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 15

Even though I look old and creepy with my bald head, I was still able to fuck this hot young babe who was half my age. I have confidence and that is what matters. That, and money. As long as you have money then you can basically buy anything you want in the world. Especially sexual intercourse with hot women. I really made this babe squeal hard. I think she enjoyed the sex even more than I did. I made her cum a lot.

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  • I found a gloryhole in my home town where I can get about 20 loads on my scalp a day. I’ve been thinking about bottling it and selling it as a hair growth treatment.

    • Trust me. There’s an old indian saying, that roughly translated to english, goes something like: “If you let men cum on your head, you are gay.”

    • We’ve been over this. The treatment only works when the cum is fresh, right out of the cock. Plus I have successfully got the patents for this, so expect to get sued if you try to make money off this.

      • There’s got to be a way to freeze dry the cum, just like they do with the acai berries. Maybe we can partner together on this.

  • Bravo

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