Bald men can jump and fuck at the same time 1

Some women tall me I look like a younger version of the guy from Pawn Stars. That's almost a little insulting to me, because he's kind of old and fat, but they tell me they like the shaved head look so I guess it's a complement. These black women really seem to love it. I guess a bald white guy is a big turn on for a lot of black women.

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  • To the guy that made this video, if more than one woman tells you that you look like the guy from Pawn Stars, it’s not a compliment. The guy is ugly as fuck. LOL!

    • Well the father is not that ugly if he were 20 years younger. It is the two sons that look like mutants. Chum-lee especially.

      • I don’t think Chum-lee is related. I think he is just a friend of the family or something. I’m not sure though. I do remember him getting arrested for something though.

  • She is a very beautiful woman. She is so good at sucking and jacking off his penis it sounds like she has him almost in tears. Excellent work girl! I bet you make all your clients really happy! Some women are too worried about getting the numbers in the door, instead of taking the time to really please each customer. Repeat business is what you really want. Not an assembly line of clients that never want to come back. Keep up the great work!

  • Just as a side note, if any women out there are reading this, and are attracted to certain celebrities, such as the guy from Pawn Stars, our sex robots also come in male versions and can be customized to look like whoever you want. We just can’t call it the pawn stars guy, because of legal reasons, but there is nothing stopping you from providing us with a picture of who you want your robot to look like. The sky is the limit.

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