Authentic soapy massage and sex 2

I was surprised by the atmosphere in this massage parlour. Normally they are dimly lit and grungy, but this one was more like a doctor's office. I almost felt like I was getting a medical treatment. That is, until she climbed on top of me and put my cock inside her pussy. It felt amazing. I lied her down on her back and fuck her from on top. It was the best sex I had ever had in a massage parlour. Sure beats a boring old handjob.

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  • I think this is in China, She is gorgeous.

  • This is how I like to give my massages. Nice and brightly lit room and a medical table. This doesn’t have to be all about the sex. It’s about making your body feel good.

    • What about the part when you make the other person cum by sucking their cock and jacking them off? Is that only about making their body feel good too, and not about the sex.

      • Like I said in the other thread, that is just a medical procedure to me. No different than a doctor checking another man’s pulse.

        • I’ve personally never experienced the medical procedure of my doctor wrapping his lips around my hard cock.

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