Authentic Nuru massage 2

Nuru massage is a special type of massage originating from the Orient. Asian women tend to be really good at it, but now they have taught the practice to other escorts in the area and you can get it at almost any rub and tug. They use their entire body to massage your body, rubbing their tits, pussy and ass all over you. It feels so good and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to get a massage or a happy ending.

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  • Don Pancho, I will glady take one of your massages. Send you a DM.

  • People, I have lost my old job in the Bucharest circus. But when one door closes another opens. I have found my true vocation. I will give nuru massages for a small fee to other members of the web. Just hit me up and I can arrange to meet with you.

    • You worked in the circus? Let me guess your job….the bearded lady?

      • No you prick, I cleaned up the elephant shit. It was a good job I did for 8 years. I am going to miss those animals.

        • LOL so you scooped up shit all day long? What a life. I guess it can’t be worse than giving gay men nuru massages all day.

          • My offer is to WOMEN ONLY! I am not gay!

  • This looks like it would be a fun way to give a massage. She seems a little skinny though to be giving one. Normally the women I work with that give these massages have a little more meat on their bones. It would definitely feel better for the client to have a woman with double d’s rubbing them all over their body. But as long as she gave him a good happy ending, I’m sure he wouldn’t complain.

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