Authentic Nuru massage 1

Here I am getting another nuru massage. This babe rubbed me down with some oil and then used her body to massage mine. It felt so good with her soft skin touching every corner of my body. It was even better when she flipped me onto my back and began jacking me off. It felt so good when I finally came all over my belly. She even grabbed a towel and cleaned my jizz up for me. What a sweetheart.

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  • I gave my first massage today. It went well I guess. Currently booking for new clients. Prefer females, but will do males too.

  • She really earned her money with that handjob happy ending. I would have been tempted to climb on top of that hard cock and finish him off that way. But she went for broke with that handjob and it must have felt good, because he shot his load all the way up to his chest. I am going to get back into nuru massage. I tried it for awhile and all my clients loved it.

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