AnacondaBob fucks girls on his delivery route in Compton 2

I was out on my new job delivering packages and at one of my stops I seen this nubian queen. She was sexy as hell and was down to fuck, so I took my big, black cock out and let her go to town. She took me inside her wet mouth with those soft lips ands sucked me real good while her tunes played in the background. She looked even better once I bent her over and pulled her pants down. It felt great to cum on her soft, black ass.

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  • You’ve been warned. I’ll let it go for now, but if even one more of my packages goes missing I am sending screenshots of this to your employer.

    • Can you just send me your name and address? It will be easier if I just make sure I never give away any of your packages. You will go on my blacklist.

  • I am sorry to say guys I lost my license in the Boxing Cock League after my big fight with the tycoon MoneyNeverSleeps. I now works as a package delivery driver in Compton. I am still getting laid though. At least as much as I was before.

    • Oh wow, how the mighty have fallen. Look at the trashy vehicle you drive, and the horrible job you have now. I guess you shouldn’t have crossed me. This should be a lesson to all here.

    • How are you managing to pull the same amount of pussy as before when you were a big Boxing Cock League champion?

      • Well, it’s simple. I just offer them their pick of packages off my delivery truck. They usually find something they like. Sometimes they pick wrong and end up with something crappy, but it’s almost like Let’s Make A Deal, the old game show. They find it kind of fun.

        • You POS. I live in Compton. No wonder why half my packages go missing. I’m going to report you for this.

          • Please don’t. This is really working out for me and I need the sex right now and can’t afford to pay these women out of my own wages. I need this job!

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