AnacondaBob fucks girls on his delivery route in Compton 1

I was delivering packages in Compton and met this sweetheart. She was just as horny as I was so we took out clothes off and started having some fun. Her mouth felt great but her pussy was the real treat. Nice and pink and wet, and warm inside. It felt great to slip my cock inside of that tight hole. I bent her over and pounded her from behind until I finally came all over her soft, black ass.

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  • I thought at first I was going to miss all the pussy I was getting in the Cock Fighting League, but so far I have not gone without. Being a delivery driver ain’t so bad. It is true though, they make you pee in bottles because they don’t want you to stop for breaks.

    • Good to know, maybe there is hope for an average person like me too.

      • Of course there is bro. Sometimes all it takes is a little planning. If I can make it work, anyone can.

        • Don’t listen to this fool. He is “making it work” by stealing peoples’ mail he is supposed to be delivering and paying off these hookers with it.

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