AnacondaBob and his friend KingCobraLeroy fuck girls in Tijuana

I was on a trip in Tijuana and hooked up with my good buddy, KingCobraLeroy, and we decided to tag team some hot Mexican women. We took turns fucking this babe while the other one would hold the camera. It's a bit weird sharing a woman at first, but once you get used to it, it feels like second nature. I think she loved getting dicked down by 2 big, black cocks.

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  • MexicanPussy, I don’t care about your stupid client list. I only fuck good looking women, not washed up gutter trash like you.

    • Wow, is this how you treat the female talent in this industry? I thought you were a good person Bob. I think maybe I’ll be adding you to my blacklist as well.

      • Oh no, 2 street urchins won’t fuck me anymore. Only millions more out there left. I think I’ll be alright :)

  • This was a pretty crazy night with my buddy Leroy. Also known as KingCobra, because of his snake-like cock. Not to be confused with KingCobraJFS, the Internet celebrity. The funniest part was the women drank enough tequila that they forgot to charge us. So the whole night of sex was free.

    • So you ripped these two women off? That’s not a good look, esse.

      • I don’t know if I would call it getting ripped off. They got pounded by 2 big black cocks all night for free. If anything we should have been charging them.

        • That’s what I’m saying bro. I tried offering free sex to women on the street and all I got was dirty looks and insults. This works both ways and there’s no reason women shouldn’t have to pay for sex like we do. Or at least accept free sex when it’s offered.

          • Dude your video is creepy as hell. Figures you two would see eye to eye on this. You’re both a couple of creeps and I’m blacklisting you from my client list.

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