70+ year old man fucks a sweet girl 8

Here's a video I secretly recorded one day of me getting a massage from a fine young woman. I had the night vision turned on because it was pretty dark in the room. She massaged my cock and balls really good and made sure I had a really happy ending. She even let me fuck her. So it was basically a full girlfriend experience I ended up getting from her. What a blast for an old fart like me!

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  • If you are going to film your exploits, please invest in better camera equipment. This looks like you are using something from the 1990s to record. When I record my sexual encounters I use a professional grade Canon 8K camera. Not even available for non-commercial use yet. Please step up your game.

    • Wow what does an 8K camera cost? I’ve never even seen a movie in 8K before. Must be super expensive equipment.

    • 8K camera my ass. I bet you film your sister through a hole in the wall with your iphone 4.

    • Never look a gift horse in the mouth. While I’m sure your own videos are impressive, we should thankful this gentlemen shared his personal videos with us here today.

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