70+ year old man fucks a sweet girl 6

I love these young latina girls that charge nearly nothing for their services. I think with me being so old, they even feel sorry for me and charge me even less than their normal clients. That is fine with me. I love fucking these young babes and plan on doing so until I no longer am physically able!

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  • Moneyneversleeps, this 70 year old will have no trouble getting discounts from this lady because he is a good lover. Look at all the Foreplay. He tries to please her. She will want him to come back.

  • I sure hope my cock still gets hard like that when I’m 70.

  • Now that is admirable. A senior gentlemen sowing his seeds with hot young babes. I commend you sir. I would like to offer you a job on my team. You can scout out escorts for me. I am willing to pay handsomely.

    • Finally you do something good with all your money. Maybe there is hope for you after all.

      • He’s bullshitting, just like 99% of his other posts. I wouldn’t give this nutjob my contact info no matter what he is offering.

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