70+ year old man fucks a sweet girl 2

I setup a camera in my hotel room and ended up hiring a couple young babes to come back and fuck me. One of them was a little bit bigger of a gal, but I love it when they have some junk in the trunk. Just imagine being in your 70s and getting to have threesomes with 20 year old babes. That is my life and I love it!

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  • This looks like fun but I would have spent some more money and told them to not send me a fat chick.

    • Why don’t you save some of the girls for us? You rich guys like to take all the fun for yourselves.

    • Beggars can’t be choosers, and I have a feeling you’re a beggar.

      • I’ve had enough of your accusations. Send me your email address and I will show you exactly how much of a beggar I am. In fact I will challenge you to a fair fight. Your sport of choice. Boxing, MMA, wrestling. Just name the time and place you coward.

    • LOL! I like fat chicks! But it must be nice to be able to pick and choose who you have a threesome with. Maybe one day I can afford to do that.

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